Om sadhan is a CLEAN SCHOOL because cleanliness is given great importance in maintenance of the entire campus.Moreover the culture of personal and class cleanliness is developed among a learning brothers and sisters.
Sadhana Cabinet
Sadhana cabinet is yet another remarkable phenomenon.the cabinet consisting of 18 cabinet ministers of various portfolios headed by the prime minister meets every month and discusses problems of social, national and international importance.ministers are encouraged to participated in group disscussions and to present reports.moreover,they are given opportunities of dynamic participation during policy making and problem solving sessions in the chamber of brother director.
Sports facilities
An activity laboratory for pre primary bothers and sisters,Om sadhana park for primary brothers and sister,a very spacious playground for all learning brothers and sisters are indicative of om sadhana's commitment to promote the sports talents.
E-Learning infrastructure has reached a peak in air conditioned knowledge Bank and Smart Classes having Interactive Smart Class Technology. The Curriculam of all classes are available with additional reference resources as software components. Its is an excellent ultra mondern e-learning facility which is very effectively used for preparation, presentation, interaction, revision and evaluation. Our knowledge bank and Smart Classess are useful as e-library and e-laboratory.