About Us
Managed by R.K.Educational Trust,Om Sadhana stands as a majestic culmination of a mission of learning with a vision of learned living.
Om sadhana central school is the dream school of R.K.Educational Trust . It has been founded on a social commitment of disseminating education of supreme Quality affiliated to the "Central board secondary education,New Delhi".
Our Mission
Learning is our mission. Infact learning qualifies life. Life of learning will stand bankrupt knowledge,wisdom and development. Hence Om Sadhana Stands distinguished by adopting such vanoble mission of learning.
Our Vision
Learned living is our vision.Any learning acquires lifeonly when it is understood,applied,followed and lived. Infact learned living is a maintanance of effective learning.Learning becomes vibrant and radiant only when it is understood,applied in life,is left Insignificant where as learning qualified learned living and humanless the entire mankind. Hence Om sadhana central school has acquired an insighted and foresighted vision of learned living.
Our Motto : " Unity,Utility,Universality "
Unity : Untiy means unifiying of resources.Intrapersonal unity signifies unity of thoughts,word and deed of an individual. It is the life giving force integrity of individuals.Interpersonal unity facilitates domestic,comunal,religious,social and national unity.Iinfact interpersonal unity is a vital international unity brotherhood.
Utility : Utility denotes usefulness-useful to self,family,society,country and humanity. So om sadhana at large any kind of unity without the value of utility is deemed to be unporductive.So Om Sadhana makes a Vow to generate a vibrant value of useful living in the upcoming genaration.
Universality : Atmospheric air and light are the two nature resources universality common to all nation of the world No nation can stop the flow of air. No nation Can pass a resolution to forbid light.Just as light and air which have a universal right of existence and a universal value of utility,a learned man on his learned living stands infused with a noble sprit of universality.Any learned person leading a learned living is endowed with in universal vision of consciousness,existence and immortality.